A Day in Milan (Including an Outfit of the Day!) – Milan Video

hello! Spend the day with us as we travel to Milano, Italy! TWITTER: www.twitter.com BLOG: shulikesclothes.com VLOG www.youtube.com Music is by Kevin MacLeod on www.incompetech.com. Royalty-free and available for commercial use!

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  1. shulikesclothes says:

    You’re far too kind, thank you so so much! I appreciate it so much <3 xxx

  2. shulikesclothes says:

    Ahhh, thank you so much! It means the absolute world to me, I mean it! I really hope you enjoy the videos <3! xxx

  3. shulikesclothes says:

    Love you too!! So happy you’re here and thank you so much for subscribing <3! xxx

  4. Chickaddeee says:

    We love Estee…and now you too!! Subbed… 🙂

  5. Daisy Maisy says:

    Essiebutton sent me here…so glad she did..just catching up on your vids…so cool!

  6. SuperCheekyChica says:

    Love you!! Thanks Estee!! 🙂

  7. shulikesclothes says:

    Ahh! It made me squeal so now we’re squealing and screaming YouTube pals which sounds great to me! I’m so glad she mentioned yours, yay! 😀

  8. mallorylovesmakeup says:

    I might have screamed a little when I read that. Yes, we are Youtube pals for sure!!! 😀
    I am beyond happy that she mentioned your channel 🙂

  9. shulikesclothes says:

    I love YOURS!!! I’m SO glad essiebutton talked about you in the video - we can be YouTube pals, I’ve decided ;)!

  10. mallorylovesmakeup says:

    I FREAKING LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Seriously. I also love your youtube and twitter names. I will be having a marathon tonight and I’m honestly so excited.

  11. shulikesclothes says:

    Hi! Not creepy at all! I’m sorry that I won’t be much help but I’m not really too sure – I naturally go really dark really quickly in the sun! My sisters don’t even go so dark so I’m baffled! I’ve heard putting on a thin layer of coconut oil helps you to tan quicker and evenly but remember SPF! I’m so sorry I couldn’t help but good luck with your move to England and I hope you have an amazing time! xxx

  12. shulikesclothes says:

    Yay! So glad you liked it! Ahh I still can’t believe it – I definitely would love to go back as it’s such a pretty city! I’ll just have to go on more trips to create more videos 😉 haha xxx

  13. alexandraadelin says:

    hello shu. Sorry this might be a creepy and weird question but how come u can get so tanned? Do you fake tans? or..? I am moving to England in a month and I am an asian beach bum but going to live in london… so i get a little sad for not getting enough sun later in england. thank u shu. love ur vids. xx

  14. iKISSkrissyinPARIS says:

    I loved this video! Your outfit was so cute and comfy looking! ^_^ you’re so lucky to have gone to Milan! Wish it was longer than just a day though! 🙁

  15. shulikesclothes says:

    Ahh, got to love her! Thanks so much for subscribing! I realised I was subscribed to you on my other channel so promptly did on this one ;)! I’m 20 now! x

  16. RockyOnna says:

    Essiebutton recommended you 🙂 You are so lovely and sweet, I subscribed. Happy Belated Birthday! How old are you? x

  17. shulikesclothes says:

    OOOH! It makes sense now, haha! Thank you! 😀 xxx

  18. shulikesclothes says:

    Thank you so much, that’s so lovely of you! I’ll feature it in a haul this week, yay! 😀 xxx

  19. LoonyTuna4 says:

    I’m pretty sure that the drinking age in Italy is 16 🙂 x

  20. trulyfabulous01 says:

    I totally enjoyed ur day u gad a Great birthday wish u many mote healthy happy ones. Cant wait to see the bag u bought 🙂

  21. shulikesclothes says:

    Haha, thank you! I definitely will 🙂 <3 xx

  22. souchic123 says:

    I love guys! Do more video please <3

  23. shulikesclothes says:

    Aww, yay! I’m glad you did! Yes! It’s a beautiful city and it was so hot! 🙂 xxx

  24. lisasvlogz says:

    I loved this video! Your always happy in your videos:) Did you have fun?:)

  25. shulikesclothes says:

    You have no idea how emotional that comment made me, thanks so much!! I never think of myself as being inspirational in the slightest but it’s made me so happy even if it’s the smallest thing! I always take out some old clothes, lay them out and start playing around with them by arranging it together to find different but new outfits :)? I’m sure you dress amazingly already <3! xxx


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