AC Milan vs Genoa 1-0 (27.10.2012) Match Highlights – HD – Milan Video

Join Us on Facebook for more highlights AC Milan vs Genoa 1-0 (27.10.2012) Match Highlights – HD AC Milan 1-0 Genoa (27.10.12) Match Highlights – HD Milan vs Genoa 1-0 (27.10.2012) Full Match Highlights – HD AC Milan vs Genoa 1-0 (27.10.2012) Shaarawy scored Winning Goal – HD
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25 Responses to “AC Milan vs Genoa 1-0 (27.10.2012) Match Highlights – HD – Milan Video”

  1. laszl045 says:


  2. rahulgaur251 says:


  3. Angel Olivares says:

    Allegri debe de irse…

  4. oma hidayah says:

    seru banget

  5. Bonipertino says:

    Fuori gioco netto! Dov’e’ un titolone nella carta igienica rosa???????????????????

  6. Fadlan Namykaze says:


  7. 8792899421 says:

    Very nice yar.

  8. Raka Saja says:


  9. tuamabasaan08 says:

    rise up MILAN..!!!!

  10. Achmad Arief says:

    milan per sempre

  11. arman rappha black says:

    I liKe

  12. Faizal Mahfudzi F says:


  13. fertiliawan ceri says:

    i still support you MILAN…..

  14. Rahmat Kowalski says:

    I have become a fan of AC Milan since Rui costa still playing there
    and I admit that before abate send a pass he had been in an offside position

  15. Alin Kenobi says:

    finally milan has won a match :O

  16. Suhanda Nda says:

    gud job

  17. Koopatroopa01 says:

    Emanuelson <3

  18. MrCavallobaio says:

    poco fuorigioco eh!!!!

  19. Anas Hidayat says:

    absolutely offside.

  20. sudhir khadka says:

    we need boateng back. dont know whats goin on with him lately but we need him back.

  21. polmer manalu says:

    nice crossing Abate..good job yeah : Forza Milan

  22. REAL0073 says:

    interista MERDA ”

  23. Roy Lev-Ari says:

    it was offside

  24. 9crazylegs says:

    There was no offsides you fucking haters


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