Mario Balotelli – Welcome to AC Milan | 2013 HD – Milan Video

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25 Responses to “Mario Balotelli – Welcome to AC Milan | 2013 HD – Milan Video”

  1. milanfan215 says:

    I love kaka he was a MASSIVE part to milans success but im sorry hes washed out and i would rather have balotelli whos 22 years old on a 4 year contract than kaka a 30 year old whos done dick all at real madrid on loan

  2. HARDYhigh says:

    and 5th place YEAHHH ….

  3. Bryan lion says:

    The people talking shit about milan , 7 CHAMPIONS LEAGUES BITCHS

  4. karzon444 says:

    it wont in milan he will do amazing

  5. DrostyFootball says:

    great video keep up the good work bro

  6. Rafael Ribeiro says:

    Im very sad that his carreer will end in such a melancholic way, waste of tallent D:

  7. King Silvera says:

    ahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

  8. ForzaFerrari47 says:

    Enjoy this cancer of a player, el sharaawy is gonna be triple the

  9. OlafEditingHD says:

    Minutes 46: Red Card hahahaha 😀

  10. Alessio Tranchida says:

    what a perfect video! goosebumps… thank u – WELCOME TO AC MILAN

  11. xStehzy says:

    milan wanna make a young team. kaka is 30 years old. mario is 22. And real madrid are to money hungrey to let him go.

  12. jhonnatan392 says:

    Welcome súper Mario!!!!!!

  13. Salvobenne says:


  14. jujuomrko131 says:

    Yes super mario welcome to milan :-D

  15. Stefano Rossi says:


  16. Yanz7x says:

    Milan prefered buy Balotelli than Kaká? epic fucking joke, balotelli is a fucking shit .. i can’t see any thing good from him.. by the way, Conti deserve my respect for this video, great edition for overrated player

  17. Jason7Productions says:

    welcome to milan!! if you want check out my new video for mario /watch?v=lmgekPF2fH8 tnx

  18. Gio Geo says:

    Welcome Milan Forza Rossonero

  19. Harry Garciá says:

    So happy he is joining AC Milan

  20. korab krelani says:

    Welcome To AC Milan

  21. Ali Taherkhan says:

    Super mario!!! Great video man 🙂

  22. SaSa MvP says:

    Passate nel mio canale! Commentate e iscrivetevi. Ricambio

  23. irfansufyan9 says:

    nice video… i like it…good job…maybe u can make video about fernando torres…its just my suggestion

  24. Muhammad Mayat says:

    Hes a good player but his focus levels are else where at times , when he wants hell score

  25. tsunamiplayer3 says:

    overrated but i will take him in the prem any day of the week! he is hilarious, pure comedy with him


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