Balotelli with his Girlfriend celebrates Victory Vs Barca- Ac Milan 2- 0 Fc Barcelona – Milan Video

Balotelli with his Girlfriend Roberta Neguesha celebrates Victory Vs Barca- Ac Milan 2- 0 Fc Barcelona Raja RCA vs Athletic Bilbao (3-1) Friendly Match 17_07_2012 su adiós al Barça, en una rueda de prensa donde Sandro Rosell ha anunciado que Tito Vilanova será su sustituto la próxima temporada en el Camp Nou en las semifinales de la Champions ección Española, Gerard Piqué, manda un saludo a todos los aficionados culés Real Madrid vs Barcelona Leo Lionel Messi la Copa LibertadoresNeymar Goal League goles en el epílogo del partido de Alan Kardec y Neymar, y terminó como primero del ratingsCristiano Ronaldo FIRST GOAL ! ! ! Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo La Coruna From:RonaldoHD9 Cristiano Ronaldo PRIMERO GOL ! ! ! Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo La Coruna Cristiano Ronaldo C.Ronaldo CR7 goals season compilation tricks vs skills 2008 07/08 Manchester United CR-7 07-08 Season Goals Tricks Skills Freestyle Power Ability Manchester United 2007 2008 07 Top 10 Best World Footballers 2009 This is a new updated video of who I think are the current top 10 football (soccer) players in the world. I have based this on form and actual talent to select the top 10. There are so many talented footballers at the moment, who do you think will take top spot? Here are the players that I chose from: Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid) Samir Nasri (Arsenal) Fernando Torres (Liverpool) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan) Kaka (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) Ronaldinho (AC
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23 Responses to “Balotelli with his Girlfriend celebrates Victory Vs Barca- Ac Milan 2- 0 Fc Barcelona – Milan Video”

  1. Abu Yusuf says:

    Robinho fancies he’s girl
    I can see clearly

  2. NEYMARTHEBEST11 says:

    hanno esultato QUASI quanto me

  3. JoRg1NeLB0RrAcH1N95 says:

    Oh I’m fully aware of the tiki taka method but it is a cheap method of playing football kind of like Chelsea’s bus parking last year(although it had me laughing a Barca fans!!!). As for worldwide audiences? yes because people love to band wagon to the “top team” that is being advertised via internet because of their prepubescent fan-base. I guarantee that well over 70% of Barcelona fans have just now started watching football in the last 3 years when their winning streak began.

  4. TheMILANINZAGHI9 says:


  5. IK0Nx says:

    Talking about thrilling the audience, people from all over the world travel to Barca every week to witness Barcelona in camp nou. They have one of the biggest worldwide fanbases. All because what they do is art. Even if other teams wanted to “cheat” like Barca, they couldn’t. It’s kinda like counting cards in black jack, it’s within the rules of the game but you have to be super intelligent to do it. Also counting is not betting nor cheating, it’s sience. Maybe someday you will understand.

  6. Goran Velkov says:

    the girl is like “Ok boys we’ll do “it” later…”

  7. MrAnimaletto says:

  8. shoussam says:

    potential gangbang?

  9. 2pacisthebest1 says:

    his ex is white.

  10. Nedeljko Nedeljkovic says:

    are you kidding me? *berlusconi *because *i’m gay

  11. jrydahhable says:

    balotelli can’t fuck around at milan balosconni will shoot him coz he is mafia

  12. skybluedockerboy says:

    @ Pablo Almendro

    They went to Milan because they were too good for City? If you think this, you are a delusional son of a motherless goat

    City got rid of Robinho because he was dud & he was overhyped. Mario was sold to Milan because he was driving his teammates nuts and needed change. Nigel is the only one I’m dissapointed City didn’t keep and even then the assumption was that Javi Garcia would be better than Nigel…and he’s not

  13. JoRg1NeLB0RrAcH1N95 says:

    When Barca wins it’s all boring and inside the box cheap goals. Takes away the main reason this game came to existence, to have fun and thrill the audience. Their method is as cheap as using cheat codes in a video game. I can assure you that the only way someone will jump out of their seat when Barca plays is when refs call against the other team. This Barcelona disgraces the past generations. Dinho brought Barca so much greatness and these guys are nothing.

  14. Caozinho11 says:

    @bladi1983us true mate but she has blonde hair even though it’s not here real hair lol she’s black with blonde hair

  15. bladi1983us says:

    His man he pick black girl like him not like the other players they run after blondies !!!!!

  16. SAM20111990 says:

    Crazy Robinho

  17. jean-philippe Trechaud says:

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  19. waliid1909 says:

    Dont let John Terry see your gf Mario :P

  20. samy hanafi says:

    de jong was also a city player.

  21. TheScorpion20dz says:

    fuck off

  22. MrKDB3 says:

    How can you not like him

  23. 11CAKES11 says:

    who is that girl shes bomb


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