AC Milan Vs Barcelona 2-0 Champions League 2013 | All Goals & Highlights 20-2-2013 HD – Milan Video

AC Milan pulled off a huge shock at the San Siro as they claimed a 2-0 win over Spanish giants Barcelona in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League last 16 clash. Amazingly both goalscorers were previously team-mates at English League One club Portsmouth as Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari were on target. Boateng fired home just before the hour before Muntari volleyed home a second with nine minutes left as Massimiliano Allegri’s men took a huge win. Milan looked willing to sit back and soak up Barca’s attacks from the off, but it was their own counter attacking that showed the most threat throughout. After 16 minutes Stephan El Shaarawy was sent clear into the box, but a heavy second touch gave Carles Puyol the chance to come across and put the ball behind. From the resulting corner Boateng clipped the ball towards the back post and it only just landed wide of Victor Valdes’ far post. Xavi then tested Christian Abbiati with a sweetly struck shot from distance, whilst Pedro’s somewhat weaker effort was also dealt with comfortably by the veteran keeper. Lionel Messi began to enjoy spells of possession but, as Milan got numbers behind the ball, he was struggling to find space and, when he did, his team-mates could not do so. El Shaarawy came close just before the break again, before the opener arrived 10 minutes into the second half, although there was an element of fortune about it. Riccardo Montolivo’s free-kick from 30-yards was blocked on the edge of the box
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20 Responses to “AC Milan Vs Barcelona 2-0 Champions League 2013 | All Goals & Highlights 20-2-2013 HD – Milan Video”

  1. MrOneBuz says:

    Its OKI guyzz PSG gonna win this fucking cup

  2. Tom Reyno says:

    Well, Madrid did what Milan did and simply outclassed them. Your a barca fan so you will say they are that good but theres a reality – if they were so good and with such class, they wouldn’t be outclassed so easily. Form is temporary but class is permanent. The play acting, running at the ref to get opossing players booked and that makes me sad. They can pass the ball, messi and co are great but they still get out done.

  3. Bryan Grajales says:

    Also they play the best football, theyre style is superior to any team and every team out there knows it.. thats why every team plays the same against barcelona..ten men in the box a human brick wall..its so difficult to penetrate that, so what are they supposed to do..theyre skilled passers of the ball therefore they will maintain possesion and do theyre tiki taka

  4. Bryan Grajales says:

    Im a diehard Barcelona fan and I have to say they have not been the same team lately. To be honest i think its the defense that are having major problems, Puyol isnt the same anymore hes not as fast and the marking is just poor, barcelona always looks so weak now on the counterattack. Dani alves is fast but jesus he cant out muscle anybody, and neither can jordi alba..come to think of it I think i prefer abidal over him because of his height and strength.

  5. MrRandomzshow says:

    it was still not deliberate, and they explained the rules after. and it was not a hand ball. plus messi sucks agaisnt italian teams, just saying..

  6. Peter say denim says:

    yes milan.. <3

  7. aseguraramos43 says:

    Buena defensa d milan

  8. TopComment0 says:

    @Chardry Tirado you mad bro?

  9. Nikolce1Kolev says:

    read the football rules then talk!
    Oh and please do tell how many has Messi scored against Serie A teams from open play?

  10. QGF1 says:

    was this instagram filmed?

  11. Ernest Guce says:


  12. izVojka says:

    Only thing is it wasnt a handball… At first watching the match, i also thought it was a handball, but later they have proven in a video, that the ball hit Zapata’s face, not hand. Becouse of the angle of the video it looks like it was a handball, but it wasnt, so the ref made the right choise.

  13. nishantxr says:

    italian enema to barca

  14. Chardry Tirado says:

    WTF this is BS Milan is not a good team Barcelona is the best.

  15. Mohammad Sattar says:

    wait for camp nou and see how Barca will tear you apart..

  16. David Halmaghi says:

    i watched this game live 😀

  17. TheMrTipZy says:

    the bottom line is that barca got dominated all over, exept ball possesion wich barca had no use with. Milan were dominating the WHOLE game, Just saying.

  18. ItsSkaz7 says:

    still it was a god damn hand ball.. and from that handball boateng scored from it.. and btw messi already proved that he could score against very strong teams such as manchester united in the champions league twice actually.. just saying

  19. Safuwan Rahman says:

    barcelona lose

  20. CCAFS617 says:

    Was such a great game. Good thing you don’t need sound to watch football (soccer)… what channel feed was that from?


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