NEW SIGNINGS – Relegation Regen Rebuild – Fifa 17 AC Milan Career Mode – Episode 72 – Milan Video

published: 2017-06-18 09:00:00

Fifa 17 Career Mode Season 5 – The Transfer Window is closing in, time to make some signings.

The Rebuild continues with AC Milan in this FIFA 17 Career Mode. Relegation Regen Rebuild will see Davide Lombardi try to rebuild Milan into a powerhouse once again with only youth talent and regens.

The Storyline….

Today the Italian Government has declared financial hardship.
With billions of Euro’s in debit across the globe they have passed
a new bill through parliament to repair the countries budget.
One key focus of revenue is the national football league.
All teams have been instructed to sell off their best players
to generate funds to repay the countries debits.
Will this be the downfall of Italian football as we know it?

In a strange turn of events AC Milan who were brokering a deal with
Chinese investors has fallen through.
Rumours have been circulating around for months speculating that
AC Milan have been laundering money through Chinese Off Shore Accounts
with the hope of holding onto their star players at the club.
their punishment if guilty will be known within days.

In a statement from FIFA, AC Milan have been found guilty of money laundering.
They will now be forced to sell their entire squad and be relegated.
This is a Harsh but fair outcome for the Former Italian powerhouse but only
time will tell if AC Milan can rise to their former glory again.

With the news coming through that AC Milan have been relegated they are now on the
verge of bankruptcy.
The board have announced they are looking for investors.
Who will come to the aid of this club in their time of need?
Will ac Milan be able to survive this turmoil?
With only a few weeks until the start of the season there are so many unanswered questions.
They will need someone to invest in the future of this once mighty organization or
they could be headed for extinction.

Just Days out from the new season an investor has come forward to keep AC Milan Alive.
Russian Business Tycoon Vladimir Potanin has decided to buy the club knowing
that this once prestigious team could be a worth while investment.
With some key strict financial strategies he feels the club
can return to its former glory once again. he also had this to say….

So now with their financials sorted off the field AC Milan just need to work on the
pitch and hope they can restore some hope in the Milan Faithful.
Potanins first point of business was to appoint Davide Lombardi as the new manager.
A Top Player with Italy and a tactical genius he will ensure AC Milan are
rebuilt from the ground up and returned to the top.
Now we just have to see what kind of team he can prepare and who is willing
to pull on the AC Milan strip and help rebuild the foundations of this organization.

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