Milan – Not Another Pop Mash-up 2 – Milan Video

published: 2018-06-13 13:59:56

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Milan – Not Another Pop Mash-up 1

Written by: Manson, Jacob Oliver / Mcmahon, Ella Mary / Raymond, Zacharie Alexandre / Rastogi, Yannick / Menga, Guystone / Phillips, Shakka / Atkins, Jeffrey B / Bennett, Janee Millicent Lucy / Keen, Rachel Agatha / Thorneycroft Smith, Fraser Lance / Lorenzo, Irving Domingo / Vest, Marcus / Ajibade, Oluwatosin Oluwole / Mc Vey, Mabel Alabama Pearl / Roudette, Marlon / Reid, Jordan Day / Bellot, Errol / Marsden, Steven Michael
Published by: Sony/Atv Music Publishing Allegro (Uk) , Copyright Control Shares, Warner/Chappell, Sentric, Lateral Mgmt London Stockholm Ab, Songs Of Universal Inc, Slavery Music, Jin Jin Ltd, Warner Chappell Music Ltd, Kobalt Music Services Ltd, Sony/Atv Music Publishing Allegro (Uk), D J Irv Publishing, N The Water Publishing Inc, Sony/Atv Melody, Bmg Rights Management (Uk) Limited, Stage Three Music Publishing Limited, Greensleeves Publishing Limited, Copyright Control Shares
© & (P) 2018 ROTON


Answerphone – Ella Eyre

I’ve been talking to your answerphone, na na
Something tell me you don’t want to know, na na
When I call you, you don’t answer phone, na na
You don’t love me, you should let me know, na na

I got a feeling
I’m over thinking ’bout thinking you’re thinking of leaving
(Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah)
But real talk, I need some honesty
Honestly, you better speak up
(Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah)

Decline – Raye

I was always there for you, oh
I was always on time
And I gave you my all
So now you call, I decline
And now I don’t know about you
But I know I’m gonna be fine
And I gave you my all
So now you call, I decline

Finders Keepers – Mabel

I don’t need miracles from ya
Stop going all digital on me
Don’t feel like you need to try and love me
‘Cause I don’t need a spiritual journey

Boy, why you living in fear?
You don’t live around here
Let’s make use of the timing
These are the ends I stay
I don’t plan on coming your way
Let’s make use of the timing

Put your arms all around it
Take it now that you’ve found it
It don’t need to be no deeper
It’s finders keepers
Put your arms all around it
Take it now that you’ve found it
It don’t need to be no deeper
It’s finders keepers

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Watch the original Milan Video here

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