Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 32 YCS Milan: Neo Space Connector Rhongo Deck Profile 2018! Ft. Jake Quinsee! (+Combo) – Milan Video

published: 2018-12-10 18:00:03

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Watch the original Milan Video here

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  1. Neo space connector is our new broken card.

  2. Sam can you make a six Sam version with both neo spacian and Rhongo?

  3. How expensive is this deck on average?

  4. Which are the 3 cards from the extra deck used the least?

  5. Why no go play thunder dragon???

  6. It's hard to tell what cards are which. Could you make a list or something?

  7. Can we get confirmation on the butterspy ruling, I’m pretty confident it doesn’t work like that. Since the opponent gets priority after you activate connectors effect to summon dolphin. Allowing them to ash.

  8. he says you wont see much hand traps yet mains 3 called by the grave.

  9. Andrea mecozzi is a friend of mine lol

  10. Monsters:
    2x Destiny hero malicious
    3x phantom knights of silent boots
    2x phantom knights of ancient cloak
    1x phantom knights of ragged gloves
    3x junk forward
    3x blue mountain butterspy
    1x armageddon knight
    3x dark grephyr
    3x neo space connector
    1x neospacian aqua dolphin
    1x destrudo
    1x mare mare
    2x danger!? tsuchinoko?
    2x danger! nessie!
    1x reinforcement of the army
    1x monster reborn
    1x soul charge
    3x called by the grave
    3x instant fusion
    1x D.D.R. different dimension reincarnation
    1x overdone burial
    1x divine sword – phoenix blade
    1x living fossil
    1x autonomous action unit
    1x phantom knights fog blade
    2x phantom knights of shade brigandine
    1x imperial order
    3x artifact lancea
    3x ghost reaper and winter cherries
    3x twin twister
    3x evenly matched
    3x red reboot
    Extra deck:
    1x knightmare cerberus
    1x knightmare phoenix
    1x knightmare unicorn
    1x linkuriboh
    1x underclock taker
    1x isolde, two tales of noble knights
    1x summon sorceress
    1x phantom knights of rusty bardiche
    1x topologic gumblar dragon
    1x borrelsword dragon
    1x number 86: rhongomyniad
    1xnumber 75:bamboozling gossip shadow
    1x invoked rajin
    1x Yazi, evil of yangzing
    1x leviair the sea dragon

  11. Okay I was wrong! The "whens" only miss timing if you try to start it in a new chain!!
    MY mistake! Apologies!

  12. I don't see why Isolde is the one needing banned in this if it's just allowing you to extend off the initial Connector/Dolphin into the Gumblar.

  13. Why do people use living fossil? U cant change it out for something else?

  14. So are banlist wasn’t actually a banlist? Just a emergency banlist?

  15. Let's say that you have been to Italy…but you didn't interview any Italian ???

  16. Hope they don't hit Connector, Neos finally get decent support only for it to be abused by other decks :'(


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