NRG MrSavageM vs Secret Milan | Creative Mode 1v1 *PRO EU BUILD FIGHTS* – Milan Video

published: 2019-02-19 19:48:48

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#Fortnite #Creative #1v1

Watch the original Milan Video here

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  1. Savage was playing good this time

  2. im better than mr savage peasants

  3. I like watching savage 1v1 way better than most people because he isn’t an annoying highground warrior, anytime he sees the opportunity to drop down and hit a shot he does so, even if he misses. Like at 4:16.

  4. Savage is destroying his finger 😂

  5. whoever is reading this i genuinely hope your new year is going amazing ! ❤

    I also post fortnite
    If anyone is kind enogh to give me a chance 🙂
    If not it's okay !😇

  6. Best gaming chair I have seen in a while

  7. i would clap them both at the Same time

  8. This dude really reaches all the way to y to edit damn

  9. I fucking hate my life & all i have to look forward to is watching mrsavagem

  10. Its interesting because Savage is the only keyboard smasher i can stand, not to mention when he gets low and starts going in on those edits and his keyboard XD

    1 like=1 prayer for Savage's Keyboard


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